Cylinder Heads
All heads are thoroughly cleaned in our Pollution Control baking oven, or if aluminum in our Omegasonics Super Pro Ultra Sonic Cleaner. After cleaning they are magnafluxed, and visually inspected for defects.

Valve guides are replaced on our Winona Van Norman Seat and Guide machine.

Deck surfaces are machined on our DCM Tech HB3800 CBN resurfacing machine.

Valves are thoroughly inspected and reground with our Kwik-Way Valve equipment. On certain applications all valves are replaced new.

Valve seats are three angle machined on our Serdi ER100 Seat equipment.

On Overhead Cam engines all cam saddles are thoroughly inspected and if necessary rebored on our Kwik-Way CB 24000 align-boring machine.

Valve springs are checked for proper pressure. All threaded holes are cleaned, checked, and repaired if necessary. Heads are assembled with premium quality valve seals. As a quality control procedure, once assembled all heads are vacuum tested to insure optimal valve sealing.

Serdi Cylinder Head Machine

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